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Insular Australia First Grouping

Year Size Medium


Approx. 18 mtrs 0f wall space in total.

A Lineal Installation. Salted Paper Framed. Flotsam and Found Object.


Consists of 20 framed works, flotsam, driftwood and rusted metal. 15 frames 48cm x 60cm, 2 frames 58cm x 68cm and 3 frames 100cm x 750cm. The framed works are all salted.
Before the tum of the century, “The Picturesque Atlas of Australasia” was published in celebration of the centenary of settlement in 1788. The pages from a copy of the publication were used to line a kitchen floor and covered with linoleum. There they remained until 1995 until the linoleum was removed and the pages uncovered. They have subsequently been salted, framed and now form the basis of this installation.
Hazelhurst Gallery Sydney 2002.