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‘Here I am, living in a miserable thatched hut without kitchen, without a garden . . . and tho’ little better than a leper, obliged to live on a scanty pittance of salt provision.’
Captain Hill N S W Corps 1790
‘The pork and rice were brought with us from England. The pork had been salted between three and four years, and every grain of rice was a moving body from the inhabitants lodged within it. We soon left off boiling the pork, as it had become so old and dry, that it shrunk to one half its dimensions when so dressed. Our usual method of cooking it was to cut off the daily morsel, and toast it on a fork before the fire, catching the drops which fell on a slice of bread, or in a saucer of rice.’

Captain Watkin Tench N S W Corps 1790
Entertaining with Margaret Fulton. 1971 detail Salted Book / detail page 1 / detail page 5 / Margaret's Letter/ Extra Page






3100cm x 1850cm x 40cm

Consists of 8 Framed Works each 42.5cm x 30cm. (Salted Prints) and Salted Book with Sprig of Rosemary.

A Practical Person, Margarte Fulton simplifies classic dishes and difficult tecniques so that her recipes are well within the capabilities of anyone who likes to cook. No wonder the sales of her cookbooks have created publishing records and made her the most sought after food writer in Australia today.
Entertaining with Margaret Fulton is one book she just had to write because parties are her scene. As hostess or guest, she makes a party something special.
When you are invited to her home, whether for a big, swinging party or for an intimate candle-lit dinner, it is an experience you are bound to enjoy from the moment she greets you.
Margaret is one of those natural born hostesses whose guests are made to feel welcome and important and cared for. Which is what being a good hostess is all about.
Pages 1, 2, 3 and 5 of this work have been salted to varying degrees.

Exhibited Hazelhurst Gallery Sydney: Southern Exposure 3 Food For Thought May til Aug 2003
This Work was purchased by the Ceramicist and Restaurenteur Anders Ousback, a close friend and business associate of Margaret Fulton. Her letter of response is linked above.