the guiding star


The Guiding Star . . . sailed from Liverpool on 8th January 1855, with 546 souls on board. She was last heard of on the 15th February, in lat 26deg long. 34deg west, since which period no tidings have been received of hr. The cause of this deplorable catastrophy can only be conjectured; in all probability it has been owing to collision with ice. Many vessels reported that they had seen vast quantities of ice in unusually low latitudes and some of them had suffered more or less injury in passing among these floating masses.

Report of the Immigration Officer (Charles Strutt) on the Guiding Star 1855. . . from 'The Long Farewell.'

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The Guiding Star
Year Size Medium  


120cm x 95cm

4 Framed Works each 42.5cm x 30cm Salted Paper Plus Burnt Wood.