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The Seaweed Pictures




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Approx. 5 mtrs wall space. 7 Framed works ea. 60cm x 48cm plus

Pencil, Ink and Seaweed on Paper. Plus Two Photographs, Burnt Wood and Callipers.

1. Order . . . it is always just an attempt in making order of chaos.
2. Burnt Wood
3. John Kelly's Letter 1839 The 1812 weavers' strike marked the turning point in the history of the weavers' trade. After the defeat of the weavers there was a prolonged, agonising and scarcely interrupted decline until by the 1830's enormous numbers were living on the edge of destitution.
4. Callipers

5. Lemma If a body at A be impelled by two A forces at the same time, the one in the directioch she advances as impressed by the wind, and AD the line upon which she is driven by the current) will move along the diagonal AC, and will be in the point C, at the end of the time in which it would have moved along AD or AB, as impelled by either of those forces (the wind or current) separately.n AB, carrying it from A to B in a certain space of time, and the other in the direction AD, pushing it from A to D in the same time; complete the parallelogram ABCD, and draw the diagonal AC: then the body at A, (which let us suppose a ship agitated by the wind and current; AB being the line along whi
6. Glenelg Town Hall from the Jetty The Sea lost nothing of the swallowing identity of its great outer rnass of waters in the emphatic, individual character of each particular wave. Each wave, as it rolled in upon the high-pebbled beach, was an epitome of the whole body of the sea, and carried with it all the vast mysterious quality of the earth's ancient antagonist.
The girl stood by the ship's rail watching the gradual approach of the blurred shapes of houses, wharves and darkened office-buildings, the vessel steamed to her moorings beside the entrance to the pier. Staring sadly at the water, which rose and fell amid the flickering lights, she noted with a cold, unhappy meticulousness how each separate wave that touched the ship's side differed from all the others. - from 'Weymouth Sands' by John Cowper Powys

7. Leonore If you could see Mary now I am sure you would not know her, she is so stout again as she was, and has not had a days sicknefs since she came here, she many a time pities you when she thinks of you all confined in the Gallowgate up three stairs while we are under a fine climate, with plenty of parrots flying over us, and in as delightful a country as any one could wish to live in. from John Kelly's Letter

8. Ophelia
. . . some of the women praying, others dumb with despair. After those returned to their quarters Captain Gatenby astonished me by saying 'If ever we are compelled to take to the boats, only cuddy-passengers will be allowed to embark. The Emmigrants must stay behind.
- Geogina McCrae on board the Argyle 1840

9. Oh We are such Bastards !
Glasgow 1840 . . . 50 percent of children died under the age of 5 years. Many worked in mines where the pit bottoms were like common sewers filled with slush and water with an inclination of one in three and along thse common sewers the women, half naked, crawled on hands and knees, harnessed like horses to their bogies of coal - little boys aged four or five, sat all day in the darkness at the trap doors cold and shivering, begging for a candle end for light.- from 'Weavers to Wapstraws'