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History of Salt . . .  
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Think of salt, and if you are romantically inclined you’ll imagine the crusty remains of a swim in the ocean on a hot summer’s day. For Christopher Lawrie, the mineral forms the basis of his installation pieces both as sculptural tools and as metaphores for history. Using objects which have a unique story, from centenary celebration maps used to line a kitchen floor to music certificates found in a second hand store. The artist salts the paper creating beautiful, textured sculptural pieces. By literally giving history solidity the works confront the viewer with their own role in its continuous evolvement. Naomi Robson Cofa UNSW
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New Work and Old
Point and Line to Plane: Page 131 (The Whirl) 1999 2mtrs x 1.5mtrs
The Guiding Star 1999 2mtrs x 1.5mtrs
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Ukelele 2011 Gallery East : Sydneyt
Photographic Artworks

thepages book  
From 'The Pages' 1999 - 2000
Salted Book 'From Weavers to Wapstraws' My family history. 2002
Seaweed Pictures
The Kelly Letter 1839 1996
Bastards 1840 1996
Remember: from the Installation 'The Certificates of Doris Brears' 2001
insular australia
Hanging Water: Work on Paper with Burnt Wood 1998
Genesis 2003

  from the Installation 'Insular Australia' 2002    
English Maiden thebook
From 'The Englih Landscape' Group 1999-2001
  Woman reading 'The History of Salt . . . ' 2002'
Certificates detail
From 'The Certificates of Doris Brears' 2001
  detail: from the Installation 'Entertaining with Margaret Fulton 1971' 2003
Chris Lawrie
Sea Drawings keys
Wave Drawings: Girl Contemplating 1996
Wave Drawings: Our Chaplain 1996
  Piano Keys: from the Installation 'The Certificates of Doris Brears' 2001
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