Consists of two framed works each 58cm x 46cm plus 20 A4 Sheets. The total size measures 120 cm high x 200cm wide. Installation. 1 Salted Works on Paper (framed), 1 Bromide, Photographic Print (framed) with 20 Archival Prints.


I came to Australia to escape from the Taliban in 2001. The small boat nearly sank, we all thought we would drown many times. I was tortured and imprisoned for 11 months, because I believed in a modern Afghanistan and equality for woman and education for all children. I have been a TPV for 4 years and cannot see my family until I am recognised as a refugee and given citizenship and a passport.
My family fled to Afghanistan and it is very hard for them as they are refugees too. I was greeted in this country by border protection and spent three months in Curtan Detention Centre.
The taliban jailed me because I was training the Women’s Volleyball Team and took them to Chekoslavakia, Moscow and France. The Taliban wanted to stop Woman’s sport and made false allegations against me. They issued a Fatwa which still means my death if I return to Afghanistan. During my imprisonment I was tortured with electric shocks to my body. I still have nightmares and suffer post traumatic stress symptems which causes much depression.
Currently, I work with my friend mowing lawns and gardening in the Sutherland Shire. People often ask about my life, my wife and children. They want to help us. My wife thought that I was dead for two years. I contacted her when I got to Australia.

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