Christopher Lawrie


Born in Broken Hill in 1949.
Grew up in Glenelg, South Australia.

Studied Art at the SA School of Art 1969-1971

large painting 1970

The National Gallery School (Victorian College of the Arts) 1972. Awarded Painting Prize National Gallery School 1972
Held one-man, two-man Shows and participated in group exhibitions in Adelaide and Melbourne before leaving for London in 1973

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Lived and worked London 1973-75



Lived and worked Adelaide 1975-76 Large Abstract Paintings

  blue painting

Lived and worked London 1977-78

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Lived and worked Melbourne 78-81
Founded Experimental Art Instrumental Quartet ‘The Zoids . . . ’ An attempted expression of the theories of Kandinski’s ‘Uber Das Geistige In Der Kunst’ Manifested in a form best described as Jackson Pollock New Wave.
This Project was terminated when guitarist Mark Moody’s Original Guitar Sound was stolen by Rowland S Howard, guitarist for Nick Cave’s band The Boys Next Door

  ZOIDS   the walk melbourne    

Sydney 1995 Commenced work on ‘The History of Salt . . . ’

Works from ‘The History of Salt . . . ’ have been exhibited on numerous occasions in Sydney.

Think of salt, and if you are romantically inclined you’ll imagine the crusty remains of a swim in the ocean on a hot summer’s day. For Christopher Lawrie, the mineral forms the basis of his installation pieces both as sculptural tools and as metaphores for history. Using objects which have a unique story, from centenary celebration maps used to line a kitchen floor to music certificates found in a second hand store. The artist salts the paper creating beautiful, textured sculptural pieces. By literally giving history solidity the works confront the viewer with their own role in its continuous evolvement. Naomi Robson Cofa UNSW

  insular australia



Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award Exhibition - Hazelhurst Gallery 2007
Winner of the Prize: Local Artist Award. for
'The Trip . . . (In 1966 we drove from Adelaide to Sydney in the white Falcon and I shot my first roll of film.)

the trip

Finalist Sydney Life Art and About Exhibition Hyde Park 2010 Mikhail and the Dust Storm


Produced and exhibited a Series of Portraits of Migrant and Refugee teenagers in Sydney Australia. 'The dust of memory and past upheaval sometimes settles on kinder lands.'

portraits   Art Therapy  


Settling Dust   Art Therapy    
Since 2010 has been producing Photographic Artworks: Panels

Founds the New Constructivism 2012 in Strasbourg France.

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