Christopher Lawrie

New Suprematism

black circles



'Door with Black Circles and Empty Courtyard.' 2012

  Located in the New South Wales Museum of Contemporary Art, ‘Door with Black Circles and Empty Courtyard’ is one of Christopher Lawrie’s more obviously symbolic works. The Black Circles reference not only his earlier more abstract works, but also the mental illness that has inflicted many of his colleagues in their attempts to elucidate the reality/unreality conundrum. The empty courtyard symbolising the loneliness and perhaps hopelessness of the quest
El Lissitzky declared that the Suprematist Proun series existed at “the station where one changes from painting to architecture.” The paintings, which combined basic forms grouped together and featuring shifting axes, attempted to provide multiple perspectives of spatial amalgams despite their two-dimensional nature. Lissitzky reasoned that the future of the arts lay in their potential to be integrated. The fusion of drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, for instance, could be realized with his Prouns. In a sense, Lissitzky’s Prouns may also be considered precursors on the one hand to modern abstract imagery and, on the other hand, acutely industrial modern architecture. TheArtStory.org