Christopher Lawrie

New Suprematism




'Hallway with Two Rectangles and Engravings.' 2012

  Located in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasboug France

'Hallway with Two Rectangles and Engravings.' is a Temporary Installation.


It is dedicated to the Russian avant-garde artist Olga Vladimirovna Rozanova. Her paintings developed from the influences of Cubism and Italian Futurism, and took an entirely original departure into pure abstraction in which the composition is organised by the visual weight and relationship of colour
In 1917-1918 she created a series of non-objective paintings which she called tsv’etopis’. Her Non-objective composition, 1918 also known as Green Stripe anticipates the flat picture plane and poetic nuancing of colour of some Abstract Expressionists.


In 1912, Rozanova started a close friendship with the outstanding Russian Futurist poets Velimir Khlebnikov and Alexei Kruchenykh. They were writing 'transrational' (zaumnaia) poetry to create a new universal poetic language based on the destruction of traditional grammar and the meanings of the words, the use of the neologisms, assonances, and illogical combinations of words and sounds. Rozanova became one of the first artists of the Russian avant-garde associated with the Futurist movement.Alexander Boguslawski

Olga Vladimirovna Rozanova Green Stripe 1918