NEW CONSTRUCTIVISM . New Constructivism


Christopher Lawrie


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‘You are here . . . Proun 1’ 2013 In situ. Installation


Located in the New South Wales Museum of Contemporary Art You are here . . .’ is a seminal work of the New Suprematism Movement.


'Proun' is an abbreviation for the Russian 'Project for the affirmation of the new'. The Russian artist El Lissitzky (1890-1941) coined this word in 1919 to describe his personal project to represent 'the interchange station between painting and architecture'. His visual language was designed for the new society of the Russian Revolution (1917) which he supported enthusiastically. Under the initial influence of his fellow revolutionary Kasimir Malevich's Suprematism, Lissitzky developed an approach to geometrical forms that he saw as fundamentally practical and specifically Communist (e.g. Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge 1919-20).

'Suprematism has advanced the ultimate tip of the visual pyramid of perspective into infinity. We see that Suprematism has swept away from the plane the illusions of two-dimensional planimetric space, the illusions of three-dimensional perspective space, and has created the ultimate illusion of irrational space, with its infinite extensibility into the background and foreground.' El Lissitzky
  you are here  
  Digital Print available. Consists of 6 panels. ea. A3+ 483mm x 329mm Hahnemuehle Fine Art Inkjet Paper  
The Spatiotemporal Dimensions of Abstract Art and the Genesis of Modernist Architecture