Christopher Lawrie

New Suprematism



‘You are here too . . . Proun 3’ 2013 In situ. Installation


Located in the New South Wales Museum of Contemporary Art You are here also . . .’ is the second of the 'You are here . . .' series both of which are located within the Museum of Contemporary Art.


'The application of the Inner Neccessity Dialectic to a chosen space changes and creates new forms, the elements of which can be classified in one way or another depending upon the intention that gave rise to them.
When we examine a hallway, we are no longer interested in the fitness of its construction to perform its technical task in the building but recognize in it the material expression of a pure Inner Neccessity Dialectic. We no longer see in it a structural necessity but view it as a work of art in its own right.' C.L.

  Digital Print available. Consists of 6 panels. ea. A3+ 483mm x 329mm Hahnemuehle Fine Art Inkjet Paper  


youarehere youareherealso2